Course Information

Introduction to Mass Media (COMM 106)

Term: 2015-2016 School Year Spring Term



Tue-Thu, 12:00 PM - 1:20 PM (1/11/2016 - 5/5/2016) Location: MAIN HBLDG H212


This course is an introduction to different forms of mass media ? newspaper, magazines, books, radio, recordings, television, motion pictures and others. It is designed to give students an understanding of the media?s role in society today. The course will explore the histories of the different forms of media, the evolution of the media?s role in society, problems with media today, possible solutions to those problems, current media practices, mass media theory, ethics, and the media and social problems. Students will be asked to keep abreast of the media and current events through reading newspapers, watching television, listening to the radio, surfing the web, and more.