Labette Community College
"Where it's all about you!"

Vision Statement
Labette Community College (LCC) will continue to enhance its standing as an exceptional College by striving for excellence in all its programs, services, and activities.

Mission Statement
Labette Community College provides quality learning opportunities in a supportive environment for success in a changing world.

Core Values
Labette Community College’s commitment to its mission and to the communities it serves is anchored in core values shared by students, faculty, staff, administration, and Board of Trustees. These core values guide the College community and endure through the changing needs, aspirations, and goals of the campus and the community.

Labette Community College values open admission for all students regardless of their educational and socio-economical backgrounds. The College provides comprehensive learning opportunities through course scheduling at a variety of times and locations and diverse delivery methods.

Labette Community College assumes a leadership role in identifying and responding to constituent needs in education and economic development. The College incorporates institutional effectiveness and outcomes assessment measures into the strategic planning and budgeting processes.

Labette Community College genuinely cares about students and the community it serves. This outlook provides a caring, supportive, and collaborative working and learning environment within the institution.

Labette Community College listens to both individuals and community partners and values their input and support in shaping programs and services. Our success is in part measured by the quality and timeliness of our response and service to the community.

Labette Community College values the dignity, worth, and potential of all people and the respectful treatment of individuals who learn and work at the College; therefore, the College celebrates the diversity in both our communities and our world.

Personal honesty and reliability are essential elements at Labette Community College. The College community expects and consistently stands for integrity, ethical behavior, and personal responsibility both in words and actions.

The heart of Labette Community College is teaching and learning. Student learning is our primary goal. Every effort is made to provide programs and services that will assist students in reaching their maximum potential.

Labette Community College assists students and the community in attaining their goals through excellence in personnel, programs, activities, and technology. The College values quality in all endeavors and continuously strives for improvement, seeking new, flexible, and responsive ways to achieve its mission.