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BCA TRADING ENGINEERING CO LTD Original post: Fri 2/26/2021 at 9:35 PM

In 2010, Vietnam entered a breakthrough period in the development of industrialization and modernization of the country. Printing industry became popular and played a very important role in all fields, printing products appeared everywhere.

In that context, the famous printer manufacturers in the world compete fiercely to position their footholds in the hearts of customers. In the Vietnamese market, HP accounts for nearly 30% of the market share with a growth rate of 252.9%. It is this growth that has put HP in the lead position, far ahead of other competitors.

Grasping the actual needs and strengths of the market, BCA Trading Engineering Co., Ltd. was born as a new breeze in the bustling flow of science and technology.

With the mission of bringing high quality HP printer products closer to domestic consumers, BCA Vietnam chooses to become the official partner of Hewlett - Packard Vietnam Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as HP Vietnam). and honored to receive certification: HP DesignJet Authorized Service Center.

BCA Vietnam is proud to offer to the market a full range of genuine HP products at extremely competitive prices, including:

  • Large format printers HP DesignJet
  • The lines of industrial large format printers Pagewide XL
  • The line of HP office printers
  • Laptop, Monitor LCD, Workstation HP
  • Ink, printing paper, genuine HP printer spare parts
  • Printing solution - cutting decal: Graphtec, Mimaki, Mutoh brands

In addition to the commercial field, [b]BCA Vietnam[/b] also expands its accompanying service field to fully meet the requirements of customers:

During more than 10 years of operation, BCA Vietnam has served thousands of customers all over the country, always trying to improve services, customers' success is our success.

To expand the scale of operations, to better serve customers, we have branches in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. With prime and easy-to-find locations in Ho Chi Minh City, BCA Vietnam welcomes customers to visit and experience the most modern models of HP today.

With tireless efforts, BCA Vietnam is always a reliable partner of HP Vietnam. In 2015, BCA Trading Technology Co., Ltd. was the only HP partner in Vietnam to receive the award: “Top Sales Partner of HP Printers.

Pagewide Technology 2015 in the Region ”. For many years, BCA Vietnam has been the highest sales partner of HP large format printers in the region and in Vietnam. This is an important driving force for [b]BCA Vietnam[/b], showing initial recognition of its efforts to continuously improve service quality and better meet customers' needs.

Regarding social activities, BCA Vietnam clearly understands that it is necessary to invest in the young generation because this is the future of the country. That is why BCA Vietnam always tries to support the young generation of Vietnam to get closer to the world science and technology by sponsoring printing seminars and creative youth contests.

Through many difficulties and challenges, the fierce competition of the market, BCA Vietnam today has grown steadily, becoming a prestigious brand in the large format printer supply segment. To have that success, in addition to the efforts of the staff, it is also the love, trust and companionship of our customers. In response to those sentiments, BCA Vietnam always strives to perfect itself, improve service quality, distribute genuine products with the best prices in the market. The goal is to become a total printing solution provider for manufacturing businesses, design consulting, fast printing services, copyshop ...

With all the sincere gratitude, BCA Vietnam always treasures and hopes to receive more support from our customers, so that we can accompany and develop together with our customers.

Sincerely thank you!



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Re: BCA TRADING ENGINEERING CO LTD Posted: Thu 3/4/2021 at 6:35 AM, in reply to guest guest


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Re: BCA TRADING ENGINEERING CO LTD Posted: Mon 3/8/2021 at 5:06 PM, in reply to guest guest

Veronika atau Veronica (voice of response and info care) yang dulunya merupakan layanan voice atau voice CS. Kini menggunakan teknologi AI atau disebut kecerdasan buatan untuk menjawab pertanyaan yang diajukan pengguna Telkomsel melalui berbagai aplikasi chat populer. Layanan Tanya Veronika Asisten Virtual dapat digunakan oleh semua pelanggan yang menggunakan berbagai jenis produk Telkomsel, kecuali pelanggan korporat kartuHalo dan nomor tambahan.

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Re: BCA TRADING ENGINEERING CO LTD Posted: Tue 3/16/2021 at 6:15 AM, in reply to guest guest

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Re: BCA TRADING ENGINEERING CO LTD Posted: Thu 3/18/2021 at 4:13 AM, in reply to guest guest
The world is full of interesting things & VNtoWorld is a free knowledge sharing site that helps people connect closer to the world at large.
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