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Matt Finish Tiles Designs for Bathroom & Kitchens There are 7 replies:
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Matt Finish Tiles Designs for Bathroom & Kitchens Original post: Wed 2/10/2021 at 4:14 AM

Tiles are somewhat more popular and common because of their use on kitchen & bathroom walls and floors. The very best thing about tiles is they are durable, affordable & are available in many distinct materials and also have lots of styles, textures. On the other hand, the most significant reason tiles are so popular is they can withstand harsh remedy and are installed in kitchens and bathrooms.

A favourite kind of tile being used nowadays is matt tiles. Getting durable and hardy, matt finish tiles are frequently utilized in the two bathrooms and kitchens. 1 Reason why matt finish tiles are an ideal selection for bathrooms & kitchens is that, its tough texture makes it appropriate for slippery flooring, giving it a natural anti slide feature.


Here are some things you Ought to Know before choosing a matt finish tile:

1) Easy to Use -- Matt complete tiles are usually robust and durable, so they're generally utilized in Kitchens and bathrooms. Plus they make a fantastic option, much like some upkeep they generally persist for quite a while.


2) Grip -- Matt tiles are frequently used as flooring for bathrooms since the jagged surface of the tile provides friction, therefore there is less prospect of slipping on the wet surface.


3) Dominates the décor -- One reason why you need to be careful when choosing a matt finish tile is it generally has an extremely powerful personality. Matt designs frequently have a rustic and natural texture to them and one wants to pick a feel or a pattern that's in accord with the décor scheme. A matt finish tile may come out looking strange if it doesn't fit with the rest of the décor.


4) Outdoors -- Aside from being used in kitchen and bathroom areas, matt tiles may also be used for outside. Can it be seating areas, parts of a backyard or tiles around the swimming pool, being hardy and very low maintenance it a fantastic selection for any sort of outdoor place? Its natural anti-skid attribute makes it safe to walk, even though rains.


5) Best for big spaces -- As matt tiles don't reflect light, it's necessary the Kitchen & bathroom where it's used is a modest broad. If the area is well lit and has sufficient natural light in addition, the great thing about this matt finish tile comes out flawlessly.

Wanna know more about matt finish tile designs please visit our website Orientbell.

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Re: Matt Finish Tiles Designs for Bathroom & Kitchens Posted: Thu 3/4/2021 at 8:43 AM, in reply to guest guest

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How to Enhance Spaces With Different Colours Posted: Wed 3/10/2021 at 4:43 AM, in reply to guest guest

Most of us have a favorite color. When it is a trendy turquoise blue or an elegant pearl white, we unavoidably and automatically introduce that color into our houses in several elaborate or simple techniques to add personality and make it our own.  


The use of colored tiles is just one such means to deliver your vivid imaginations to life. With the dawn of digital printing technologies, it's currently feasible to have an almost endless selection of design, color, and layout choices in your flooring.  


Off-white & White tiles - 


White and orange tiles is a great way to create your room feel more open and spacious. White is a balanced color that leaves you feeling fresh, pure, and filled with positive energy. 


Blue & Green tiles - 


Blue and green are extremely calming colors that make you feel relaxed and calm. They're the most restful colors for your own eyes and evoke a feeling of connecting with nature. 


Black & Grey tiles - 


The usage of blacks and greys must be tactical and well-intended because they're imposing colors. Used in conjunction with lighter colors, black and gray tiles give a feeling of elegance and class to almost any room. 


Brown & Copper tiles - 


Earthy colors like brown and aluminum provide us a sense of feeling on the soil. They're the ideal mix of elegance and comfort, which explains the reason they're a favorite selection for spaces such as living rooms and foyers. 


Interesting color mixes Brown & Barrel - 


walnut pairs beautifully with lotion to provide an elegant and urbane look to space. Further, tiles using a wood finish could be added to the strategy to enhance the design aesthetic. 


Shades of Grey - 


The benefit of employing a gray color scheme is the fact that it combines exceptionally well with its shades. A mix of a couple of colors of gray can be utilized to attain an elegant, monochromatic interior design. 


Blue & White - 


Blue and white collectively produce a calming palette for virtually any space. Blue lends a feeling of liveliness into the distance, while white exudes sophistication, making a lively yet comfy atmosphere. These are only a couple of many traditional color combinations which never go out of fashion.  


You can pick from a range of colored tiles with magnificent designs and designs to think of a look that's uniquely your own.




Various spaces have different operational requirements, that will need to be taken under consideration before choosing the perfect colored tiles for the area.  


For places that see a good deal of water use, such as bathrooms and kitchens, so it's a good idea to select anti-skid tiles to lessen the probability of mishaps.  


If you're searching for colored tiles in your area and need to research a vast assortment of designs across many different walls and floor tiles for many spaces and purposes, Orientbell Tiles will be the location for you.

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Get Creative With Staggered Tile Transitions Posted: Tue 3/23/2021 at 12:07 AM, in reply to guest guest

Get creative with Staggered Tile Transitions


The latest trend for home designing is use of staggered tiles. Staggered refers to a pattern of installing tiles where it merges with other tiles or the wall. The edges of the base tiles show up in different shapes, depending on the one you choose, creating an interesting border or break on the overall wall or surface. The tiles are based in patterns so as to not create a straight edge or border. 

The staggered style is about embracing the natural look of the tiles and using it to beautify the space. It has an unfinished appeal to it and thus it has the beauty of being casual and refined at the same time. 

Using staggered tiles can make your decor look edgy and contemporary, which is why it is one of the hot trends in tile installation these days. In fact, you can create a design just by staggering plain coloured tiles in different patterns. Here are the best patterns for staggered tile installation that can lift up the look of your home:


Staggered herringbone 

The unique “V”  pattern of a herringbone layout creates zigzag edges when it is paired with a staggered transition design. The style is about using creativity. The design uses a layout of herringbone tile with a difference. The tiles can either be placed face down or up. The style can either be done in a pattern of tile-to-tile transition or a tile-to-wall/floor transition. The tiles, if used in contrasting colours, enhance the look of the area.


Staggered hexagon

The hexagon pattern used for staggered transition looks ravishing and is perhaps the most commonly used one. The pattern creates a fun honeycomb shape. Hexagon tiles in staggered installation have a variety of layout, colour, grout and design options. Rest assured that no two staggered tile designs will look the same. You can use it on the side of the wall or let it rise up from the bottom.


Staggered subway 

Staggered tiles in subway patterns are much loved. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to claim that it is a staple design and yet has a different appeal that makes it refreshing with every installation. When staggered, the pattern resembles the stair steps, creating a unique appeal. 


Staggered diamond 

Diamond pattern is another great design option. You can create wave-like designs by laying the tiles side by side or give the appearance of cubes with a 3D effect. The staggered tiles in diamond pattern look quite playful and give it an appeal that looks stunning.  


Staggered triangle 

The sharp zigzag pattern or subtle layout of tiles in staggered pattern using triangles has a very beautiful look. Using triangles for a staggered transition pattern gives a very geometric, contemporary and modern look. Triangles have the ability to make any space look unique and one of its kind.


Staggered square 

Square patterns are suitable for staggered transition in the most definite way. It won’t be wrong to claim that square tiles are the best fit for the staggered transition tiles pattern. The square tiles create a back-to-back staircase transition to give it an interesting look. Here too the border of the base tile will not be straight but will create a staggered pattern.


Staggered rectangle 

The staggered rectangle tile layout represents the skyline pattern. The rectangle staggered transition can be done both vertically and horizontally. The tiles create a beautiful effect if you use contrasting colours. The floor merges with the wall without looking flawed in one smooth transition. 

The use of staggered tile layout can completely change the look and appeal of the space in the most minimalistic way. The patterns of layout, designs, colour options, are of wide variety and can transform the space with minimal effort. The options are tile-to-wall transition or tile-to-tile transition. 

The tile-to-wall option is about the transition from the tile surface to the wall, whereas the tile-to-tile option is about the use of one type of tile over the other. 

For backsplashes, the tile-to-wall staggered option is much used. The option is popular as one desires to protect the wall by use of tiles yet not cover the entire space. The only factor to keep in mind is to ensure that the tiles and walls are in contrasting colours. That will bring out the maximum effect. 

For tile-to-tile transitions are best suited for creating the two different tile designs in the same space. The tile shape is kept the same throughout the space but different colours or designs are used to mark the transition. You can create a ravishing masterpiece by using two different shapes of tiles. Even different coloured tiles in the same pattern can lift up the look of any space. If you want to create an effective staggered look, you should choose the right kind of tiles, and Orientbell Tiles can help you do exactly that given its wide variety of tiles that offer a range of lovely features.

The beauty of the design is that the spaces are intertwined with each other without strict straight lines that otherwise look boring and rigid. The staggered design can give expression to an outburst of creativity that looks simply stunning.


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Re: Matt Finish Tiles Designs for Bathroom & Kitchens Posted: Sun 3/28/2021 at 8:12 AM, in reply to guest guest

These matt finish tiles will look perfect in my bathroom, and I will take a look at some wet room drain for my bathroom now. I hope that I can find the highest quality stuff possible. That'd be great.

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