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Remember the early days of internet marketing? It appears old hat to us now but in the 1990s marketers had to manage a real culture change because they learned to work with the web.

For initially, for example, a reader's reaction to an offer could be recorded as a click. Embedded links in ewhatsapps brought new life to direct marketing. Micro-sites and landing pages gave brands new shop windows for customers.

It is fair to say that many marketers embraced these changes with enthusiasm, for a lot of in addition they involved an extended and arduous procedure for adjustment. Unfortunately that procedure for adjustment needs to start again.

Everything has changed when it comes to timing, delivery and consumption. Today's new media is, if anything, as distinctive from its predecessors as new media in the 1990s was to its non-digital ancestors.

Take timing, for example. Whilst the advent of ewhatsapp brought greater immediacy to marketing efforts two decades ago, traditional digital communications still involved significant time delays.

An ewhatsapp newsletter would land in a inbox that has been, likely as not, positioned in a workplace and only accessed during office hours.

Ewhatsapp worked more quickly than snail whatsapp, but you may still count on few hours'delay before obtaining a response. The transition to a mobile connected society has changed that, however.

Based on Nokia, more people are now actually reading ewhatsapps on their phone than on their PCs, and in an average day 84% of mobile users check ewhatsapp at home, 80% achieve this at any stage and 74% even achieve this while queuing.

This completely changes the manner in which you need to think about response and follow up.

If previously it could have been prudent to wait a few days before your follow-up activity, in today's always-on digital environment you could find your customers don't remember your first message if you delay too long.

Similarly, you need to have your campaign fulfillment materials and mechanisms ready from the phrase go, since your customers might be demanding a reply within seconds of your whatsapper going out.

Furthermore, given the rapid-fire nature of today's online conversations you would be advised to possess advisable beforehand of how you intend to direct the interactions with your customers.

Don't count on a sale taking weeks or months any more. And yes it is no more enough to rely about the same channel, such as ewhatsapp.

Your web visitors are striking up digital conversations on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Skype, Twitter, WhatsApp and a variety of other platforms. whatsapp online marketing

By ignoring even a number of these you may be cutting your brand off from potential engagement opportunities, like speaking Chinese in Japan.

Last but not least, you will need to keep yourself informed your customers are no more only consuming the information you provide... they are creating content of their own.

When it comes to your brand, what your customers assert about you is equally as important as what you assert about yourself.

Fail to engage in what your customers are commenting on and you risk letting them dictate your marketing strategy.

If this sounds like a potential threat, it is unquestionably true that you ignore the present shift in digital communications at your peril. But it is also the case that there is a huge opportunity here, too.

Not have your customers been so open about themselves and about what they want from you.


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