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Two best dnd Classes Guide Original post: Sun 2/14/2021 at 11:00 AM

A very versatile fighter. Its main characteristics are strength or dexterity , followed by build . He gains abilities during his levels that increase his effectiveness in combat.

At 3rd level, he chooses a martial True Strike 5e . Champion allows you to hit even harder and do even more critical hits. Occult Knight allows you to use magic in addition to binding with a weapon. Battlemaster allows you to learn maneuvers to better control combat.

A powerful mage who has learned a lot of spells. Its main characteristic is intelligence . The wizard is unique because he knows many more spells than any other class. Its ability to regenerate spell slots faster allows you to cast spells more often.

At 2nd level, he chooses an arcane tradition , which is defined by a school:

Abjuration grants abilities to block and protect.
The divination lets see what no one else can see, and can sometimes affect the future.
Enchantment charms people and creatures.
Evocation allows you to create all kinds of elemental spells in order to destroy.
Illusion creates illusions to deceive your targets and make them believe things that are not there.
Summoning spawns items and creatures to be by your side.
The necromancy uses the forces of life and death.
The transmutation alters and modifies the physical forms and states of affairs.

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