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Should I use my 4 Digit USPS Pin for anything? There are 0 replies:
Should I use my 4 Digit USPS Pin for anything? Original post: Sun 2/14/2021 at 2:38 AM

After April 28, 2014, your 4 digit USPS pin only used for the telephonic IVR Transactions. To use Liteblue IVR transactions service call on USPS service 1-877-477-3273 and enter your 4-digit USPS PIN when they asked you.

  • Where can I complete the USPS Address change Process?

Every employee has to submit their current address to USPS but when you recently move one city to another city then you have to submit a new address to penn foster login. here, it’s the USPS Address change Process detailed guide.

If you are Liteblue Employee then you are already aware of Liteblue USPS Gov. Human Resources department Provides service regarding Benefits, Career, Employment Rights, Health & Wellness, Workforces, Retirement.

  • What’s the USPS Hold mail & how to start USPS Hold mail Feature?

The lite blue USPS gov hold mail is facilities to hold your mail when you go holidays and the limit of USPS hold is up to 3 days to maximum 30 days. They will store your all-important mail in File and return you when you stop USPS Hold mail Process.

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