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Week 12 Original post: Wed 4/11/2018 at 10:49 PM

Observation, implementation of findings, and ongoing evaluation are extremely dependent upon each other. An observation is defined as noting and recording facts and events; looking for something in a controlled, structured way. In short we observed to gather information where we can track behaviors and development. When most programs begin an education period they asses, through a structured observation method, where the child currently is. The use that information to determine what needs to happen next. This is where implementation of findings come in to play. If it is found that Johnny struggles to make friends and his behavior has been observed where he runs around the room knocking other children’s work over or taking toys out of their hands the implementation is speaking of a plan to help Johnny learn social skills. Once a plan of action has been chosen and done the ongoing evaluation happens. This is where new observations are compared to previous observations. After the teacher’s practice common skills used among peers with Johnny, such as asking to play or making suggestions of how to make a tower taller, the ongoing evaluation will hopefully show that Johnny is not showing the poor social skills seen earlier in the year. Instead the teachers will see him progressing in his social skills because he now has the foundation skills that he can build on while learning from his peers.


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Kendra, I thought that you did a really great job on your discussion post this week as always. I also thought that your piece was nicely organized and well written. I liked how you pulled from the book what the actual definition of an observation was, because even though we all know at this point what an observation is it’s a nice reminder to help keep on track with the other steps of the process. Almost like a this is why we do what we do thing. I thought that you did a superb job of explaining yourself and you reasoning, there was nothing in your post that I disagreed with. I think you did an excellent job. Great work!

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Kendra, I really enjoyed reading your post this week. It was so confusing on how I was going to word how they are all connected but you did a great job. The first step is to observe and then each step that comes after has to happen for the observation to be beneficial to the child or the teacher.  I really think as you mentioned it is important to have all of the steps to show progression or even to show areas of improvement. It is important to have a foundation to go off on when working with kids by observing and implementation of findings and ongoing observation we can see what works for a child and what doesn’t and we can build off of that.  Excellent post.

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